Monday, April 22, 2013

Updating your browser can improve your church website experience

Just like there are a multitude of car manufacturers offering different features and benefits for drivers, there are different ways to access the World Wide Web through browsers.

Having an old or outdated web browser can have a huge impact on your experience updating your church site or even surfing the net. Some browsers are faster than others, and some display images and content differently. Some offer more built-in security features and others support the latest trends in design technology. Outdated browsers don’t always work the way they’re supposed to and that can complicate the process of updating your church website.

In order to have the best online experience possible, it’s a good idea to use a recommended web browser and that the one you choose is up-to-date.

Here’s our list of recommended browsers:

Firefox  (PC, Mac)

Chrome  (PC, Mac)
Safari  (PC, Mac)
Internet Explorer 9  (PC)

Reasons to use a good browser:
  • Faster page loads
  • Fewer crashes, more stability
  • More built-in security
  • Support for the newest web technologies (HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript)
  • Simpler browsing experiences using tabs and downloadable add-ons

You don’t have to know all the differences between these browsers to improve your experience; these browsers are free to use, and you can use the one that you like the most! 

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